Create automated chat journeys on WhatsApp

Make the user journey intuitive by creating custom chat blocks to manage the high volume of conversations and improve customer experience.

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Engage your customers well on WhatsApp

  1. Set multiple welcome & response messages, and custom replies for frequently asked questions.
  2. Create a marketing automation chat flow that is personal and adaptable to the interests and behaviors of your customers.

Create an effective user journey map

  1. Provide a user-friendly journey from the moment they begin browsing products to the moment they make a purchase and even after the purchase.
  2. Add buttons for sharing catalogs, pdfs, or product listing to your messages for boosting engagement and increasing conversions.
Create an effective user journey map

Custom bots for sales, marketing, and customer support

  1. Set bots as per your needs - A sales bot for handling sales queries, a marketing bot to broadcast offers, and discounts, and generate leads.
  2. Deliver immersive customer experiences with chatbots that engage users at the right time.

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Collect forms from your contacts without leaving WhatsApp. Trigger forms automatically via bots.



Send messages to multiple customers at once, even to those who haven’t added you to contact list.



Engage your customers by using different tools to automatically create a flow of conversations on WhatsApp.


QR Codes & Widgets

QR codes for online/offline marketing. Trigger user journey for specific use on WhatsApp number.

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Contact Management

Centralize all your WhatsApp contacts with filters & chat lists for simplified management.



Enable WhatsApp messaging throughout user journey with a simplified solution from DashCX.


Shared Team Inbox

Stay on same page with your teams- sales, marketing, customer support under one WhatsApp number.