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0 /unlimited


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DashCX's free plan provides you the tools to start using WhatsApp marketing without subscription fee.

  • 3 users and 1 team
  • 2000 contacts management
  • 1 business bot
  • 3 Forms
  • 1 QR code & 1 widget
  • 1 API integration

Most Popular

3,850 /month


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Best suited for startup’s and SME businesses who want to start exploring the possibilities on WhatsApp.

  • 6 users and 2 teams
  • 20,000 contacts management
  • 10 custom fields and 10 chat labels
  • 1 business bot
  • 10 tags
  • 3 Forms
  • 1 QR code and 1 widget
  • API integration

7,500 /month


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Most purchased plan by tech-enabled SMEs and Startup’s alike to expand their reach on WhatsApp

  • 15 Users, 3 Teams
  • 1,00,000 contacts management
  • 20 custom fields and 20 chat labels
  • 5 marketing bots and 5 business bots
  • 20 Tags
  • 20 Forms
  • 15 QR codes and 10 widgets
  • API Integrations

Starts from

12,500 /month


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Customise your plan according to your use case and get the best solution suited for your business requirements.

  • Add Users
  • Teams
  • Contacts
  • Marketing Bots
  • Business Bots
  • QR Codes
  • Widgets
  • Forms and more
  • Custom workflow

Customized Plans for over 50 users and above 300,000 contacts are available upon request.

Conversational charges

First 1000 conversations per month are free. Conversation charges are paid through the Wallet within the DashCX system or can be loaded in your account in bulk after a bank transfer. Please connect with us at account [email protected] if you need to bulk load your DashCX Wallet.

0.20 + WhatsApp Charges / conversation
>100K conversations per month 0.10 + WhatsApp Charges / conversation.

We are integrated with all of these API providers. Select yours.


WhatsApp Cloud API by Meta (Preferred)


Premium WA Cloud API from 360Dialog, Germany


Gupshup Business API – Enterprise


Airtel IQ

Modules & Features offered by Plan

Modules Velocity Acceleration Scale
Automation Management down arrow
Marketing Automation 0 5 5+
Business Automation 1 5 5+
Forms 3 20 20+
Platform Management down arrow
DashCX Web App Access double tick double tick double tick
DashCX Mobile Apps for iOS & Android double tick double tick double tick
User Management, Working Hours, Holidays 3 6 15
Team Management 1 team 3 teams 5 teams
Custom Roles & Permissions double tick double tick double tick
Wallet Management & Payments double tick double tick double tick
Office Hours Management & Notice double tick double tick double tick
Contact Management down arrow
Contact Management double tick double tick double tick
Contact Limit 20,000 75,000 75,000+
Contact Management double tick double tick double tick
Contact Notes & History double tick double tick double tick
Preferred Agent Relationship Management double tick double tick double tick
Contact Custom Fields double tick double tick double tick
Import / Export Contacts double tick double tick double tick
Manage Contacts via API double tick double tick double tick
Dynamic Filters & Lists double tick double tick double tick
Conversation Management down arrow
Conversations double tick double tick double tick
Multi Agent Collaborative Chat double tick double tick double tick
Pinned Chats, Chat Label Management double tick double tick double tick
Whatsy Auto-responder and Routing double tick double tick double tick
Agent Feedback Collection double tick double tick double tick
Team Chat View double tick double tick double tick
Broadcast Management down arrow
Instant Broadcasts Full Full Full
Scheduled Broadcasts double tick double tick double tick
Template Management double tick double tick double tick
Template Integration Code double tick double tick double tick
Enquiry Capture for Broadcast Basic Basic Basic
QR Code & Widgets Management down arrow
Module Access double tick double tick double tick
QR Code & Widget Limit 15 40 40+
Widget Limit 15 40 40+
QR Code Generation double tick double tick double tick
Misc. Features down arrow
Link Shortening & Click Tracking double tick double tick double tick
Automatic QR Code double tick double tick double tick
Last agent assignment double tick double tick double tick
Integration Key Management 10 keys 20 keys 20+ keys
Wordpress Integration Plugin double tick double tick double tick

Service Packages

Choose the services you will need to get your solution up and running.

Free onboarding

DIY style self-onboarding


Only applicable for WA Cloud API by Meta

  • We’ll share a detailed guide on how to activate the WhatsApp Cloud API.
  • We’ll require the Cloud API Keys & Token to activate the DashCX Account.
  • Requires high technical knowledge and comfort with command line terminal to be able to integrate.
  • Best suited for technical professionals who know what they are doing.
  • One training session of the DashCX platform will be provided for customers opting for the Free Onboarding.


Takes about 1-7 day


One-time payment

  • Share your DPIIT Certificate/ MSME Udyog Aadhar Certificate to receive 20,000 credits in conversational charges
  • Assistance in gathering Onboarding requirements for WA Cloud API
  • Assessment of all assets & requirements & submission of documentation to Meta
  • Virtual call to complete WA Cloud API setup & Setup of payment method for WA Cloud API
  • Handing over of the API keys to customer for safekeeping & training session on how to use WhatsApp Manager and associated tools.
  • Recording of onboarding sessions to be made available for 120 days
  • Integrate DashCX and the Cloud API and one training session of the DashCX platform


Takes about 10 days


One-time payments

  • In Pre-onboarding, assessment of all assets & requirements for WABA, discussion & finalization of Use Cases.
  • In pre-onboarding, Rollout & training plan and also get content development consultation.
  • In Onboarding, procurement of API from vendor of choice and virtual Calls to complete the onboarding process.
  • In onboarding, Training Sessions, upto 50 Participants and setup of finalized use cases on the platform with Green Tick Evaluation & Submission.
  • In Post Onboarding, weekly calls to identify Customer adoption opportunities and Quarterly review call.
  • Setup of WhatsApp Group for 1-month Active Support, on call priority support for 6 months.
  • Additionally in post onboarding, you get optional quarterly retraining session.

If you have any questions, please read through these common queries. For all other queries, we would love to connect with you on WhatsApp.

  • How can DashCX help my business?

    WhatsApp is a widely-used communication platform. Probably, all your customers are already using it. But managing customer relationships on WhatsApp is not as easy as it sounds, that’s where DashCX comes in. It helps you put your entire team on one WhatsApp number (using the official WhatsApp Cloud API), helps you apply for a verified green tick for your business WhatsApp account, and integrates smoothly with your existing systems. In fact, you get a lot more than this! For more details, you can call us at +919871069987

  • Is integrating WhatsApp Cloud API a complex process?

    The team at DashCX does it for you. You don’t have to worry about the WhatsApp Cloud API process. We need just a few details from you. You will get all the features in place without any hassles.

  • Can I use my existing WhatsApp number?

    Yes, you can use your number. The only requirement is that you have to delete your account before onboarding with DashCX. Your existing number will be officially marked as a Whatsapp Cloud API number after we connect it with DashCX.

  • What additional services does DashCX provide?

    With DashCX, you get a fully managed service. Meaning you’ll not have to worry about setting up your WhatsApp Business, figure out length submissions to WhatsApp, etc. Here are the optional services you can get with WhatsApp.

    1. Onboarding & Verification for Whatsapp Cloud API.
    2. Green Tick Verification Service (this is an optional service, please connect with us to know more).
    3. Template & Content Strategy Service.
    4.Team Training Sessions - WhatsApp best practises and using DashCX effectively For more details, please can call us on +919871069987.

  • How can I add funds to my Wallet?

    You can easily add credit to your wallet from our Billing Dashboard using credit/debit card, check, DD or online fund transfer. Once you add funds you can start broadcasting and using DashCX.

  • Why do I need to maintain Wallet balance?

    Wallet funds are required for the messages to be delivered on WhatsApp. These charges are pre-determined, are based on WhatsApp fees and are billed on actuals at the time of sending messages. To know more about Whatsapp conversation and messaging charges, please click here.

  • How many languages are available?

    DashCX offers vernacular support and messages to your customers can be sent in many popular Indian languages. But right now the user interface is available only in English.

  • Can multiple employees collaborate on one WhatsApp chat?

    Yes, definitely. The chat can be assigned to single or multiple agents/employees, or once assigned the agent can add other agents to the chat as well.

  • What are template messages?

    These are the specific message formats that have preset text and variables, used by businesses to send out messages to existing customers or new customers. These include feedback messages or customer care messages. These must be approved by WhatsApp before use.

  • What is WhatsApp’s policy on doing business on this channel?

    You need to comply with WhatsApp policies, guidelines and terms of use prescribed by WhatsApp.

    1. WhatsApp Business Terms
    2. WhatsApp Policy
    3. WhatsApp commerce policy

  • How do I start using DashCX?

    Simply contact us at [email protected] or call at +91-9871069987

  • Is DashCX free different from other software on WhatsApp API?

    DashCX Free is similar to and better than other paid software on WhatsApp API. In fact, it provides many more features not available on other platforms like Bot, Forms, Multi-agent chat, integrations, and more for Free.

    Businesses can start to use this software immediately by connecting their Cloud API account after signup.

  • Why is DashCX available for free?

    At DashCX we believe thet millions of businesses can benefit immensely by using chat on WhatsApp to provide a delightful customer experience. We aim to empower such businesses with the right tools they need to get started and reimagine what chat can do for them.

    DashCX Free is a completely free version of our paid DashCX offering that is used by businesses globally to solve chat on WhatsApp. DashCX free is supported by the development team at DashCX.

    If you are interested in our paid offering, please see

  • Are there any limitations on DashCX Free?

    Yes, DashCX Free has been crafted for small and medium businesses to get started with DashCX. The software has the following limitations put in place to ensure we can keep providin the service for free to users throughout the world.

    1. 3 Active users
    2. 2000 contacts
    3. 1000 Free conversations per month.
    4. 1 chatbot
    5. 3 Forms on WhatsApp
    6. 500 contact limits per broadcast
    7. 5 tags, 5 custom fields

  • What are Free conversations?

    WhatsApp charges for API are based on conversations. A conversation is 24 hours of unlimited messages sent and received between a business and a contact. WhatsApp does not charge for the first 1000 conversations per month. In the same ethos, DashCX allows for 1000 free conversations per month.

    You can use these free conversations to have a live chat with your customers and send broadcast messages. Post 1000 free conversations, DashCX charges mainly based on your contact’s country. To see DashCX’s pricing, click here

    Post the 1000 free conversations, DashCX charges 0.05/conversation. These need to be paid through a wallet within the application. Businesses recharge the wallet with an amount of their choice based on the number of chats they expect on the platform.

  • What is WhatsApp Cloud API?

    WhatsApp Cloud API is a product by Meta that allows businesses to communicate with their customers at scale. Using the API, businesses can build systems that connect thousands of customers with agents or bots, enabling both programmatic and manual communication. Additionally, you can integrate the API with numerous backend systems, such as CRM and marketing platforms.

    Yes, DashCX Free has been conceptualized from ground up to help small and medium businesses manage chats much more efficiently on WhatsApp. Businesses use DashCX Free for a variety of use cases.

If you have any questions, please read through these common queries first or contact us.

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