Thoughtfully crafted pricing plans
with room for your team to grow.

One month free for all customers that choose Hassle-free onboarding with our preferred BSPs.

3,850 / month


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Bring a small team online and measure the immediate impact of collaboration. Used primarily for POC.

  • 2 Sales Agents
  • 1 Admin Account
  • 2000 Contacts
  • 1 Virtual Receptionist Bot
  • 1 Query Forms
  • 250 Contacts/Broadcast Limit
  • No Integrations Access
  • Basic Meta Cloud API Onboarding
  • Email & Chat Support
  • Trainings Optional
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6,500 /month


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Bring your best tele-sales and inside sales agents on business chat for a professional chat experience.

  • 5 Sales Agents
  • 1 Team Lead Account
  • 1 Admin Account
  • 10,000 Contacts
  • 1 Virtual Receptionist Bot
  • 3 Query Forms
  • 1000 Contacts/Broadcast Limit
  • CRM Integrations Available
  • Premium Onboarding with Airtel IQ
  • Email & Chat Support
  • 2 Mandatory Trainings
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Starts from

21,000 /month


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Get a customized plan tailored to your unique business requirements, use case and additional services.

  • 30+ Sales Agents
  • Custom Contacts
  • Custom Virtual Bots
  • Custom Query Forms
  • Custom Broadcast Limits
  • Integration Support
  • Workflow & Automations Support
  • Custom Training Plan
  • Premium Onboarding with BSP of choice
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    Additional expenses: One-time onboarding charges & per conversation charges. GST as applicable.

    Per Conversation charges

    First 1000 conversations per month are free. Conversation charges are paid through the Wallet within the DashCX system or can be loaded in your account in bulk after a bank transfer. Please connect with us at account [email protected] if you need to bulk load your DashCX Wallet.

    Meta Conversation Charges: See Current Pricing by Country
    DashCX Conversation Charges: Rs.0.20 / conversation

    Charges vary by country and by BSP of choice.

    Hassle-free onboarding

    Let us handle the geeky stuff. So, you keep focus on your leads. We also provide hassle free onboarding with multiple leading BSPs.

    Go Hassle-free

    Implementation & custom integrations

    Use our developer friendly API to integrate WhatsApp chat flows intimately within your user journey using DashCX.

    Implement Today

    We are integrated with all of these WABA API providers. Select yours.


    Cloud API by Meta - Global


    Airtel IQ - India


    Gupshup - India


    360Dialog - Germany

    Modules & Features offered by Plan

    Modules Kickstart Velocity Acceleration
    Platform Management down arrow
    DashCX Web App Access double tick double tick double tick
    DashCX Mobile Apps for iOS & Android double tick double tick double tick
    User Management, Working Hours, Holidays double tick double tick double tick
    Team Management 1 team 3 teams 5 teams
    Custom Roles & Permissions cross double tick double tick
    Wallet Management & Payments double tick double tick double tick
    Office Hours Management & Notice double tick double tick double tick
    Contact Management down arrow
    Contact Management double tick double tick double tick
    Contact Limit 2000 10000 50000
    Contact Management double tick double tick double tick
    Contact Notes & History double tick double tick double tick
    Sticky Agents and Lead Owners cross double tick double tick
    Contact Custom Fields cross double tick double tick
    Import / Export Contacts double tick double tick double tick
    Manage Contacts via API cross double tick double tick
    Dynamic Filters & Lists cross double tick double tick
    Conversation Management down arrow
    Conversations double tick double tick double tick
    Multi Agent Collaborative Chat double tick double tick double tick
    Pinned Chats, Chat Label Management double tick double tick double tick
    Virtual Receptionist Bot Auto-responder and Routing double tick double tick double tick
    Agent Feedback Collection cross double tick double tick
    Team Chat View double tick double tick double tick
    Sales Broadcast Management down arrow
    Contacts per broadcast 250 1000 5000
    Scheduled Broadcasts cross double tick double tick
    Template Management double tick double tick double tick
    Template Integration Code cross double tick double tick
    Enquiry Capture for Broadcast Basic Basic Basic
    QR Code & Widgets Management down arrow
    Module Access double tick double tick double tick
    QR Code & Widget Limit 1 10 100
    QR Code Generation cross double tick double tick
    Misc. Features down arrow
    Link Shortening & Click Tracking cross double tick double tick
    Automatic QR Code double tick double tick double tick
    Last agent assignment cross double tick double tick
    Integrations Key Management None Template and CRM Integrations Template and CRM Integrations
    Wordpress Integration Plugin double tick double tick double tick

    If you have any questions, please read through these common queries. For all other queries, we would love to connect with you on WhatsApp.

    • Why do you charge for onboarding?

      The Cloud API business is currently a walled garden. Onboarding onto the API is a tricky business. It takes time and has to go through multiple levels of approval before completion. It takes about 10-15 days for onboarding which require a service. We charge different rates for different API providers like Airtel, Gupshup, 360Dialog. Connect with us to know more.

    • How long is the DashCX setup process?

      DashCX is meant to replace personal whatsapp chats in sales teams. Setup takes about 2 weeks, then further trainings take another 2 weeks to complete and get it up and running. It is an implementation project our customers undertake with us.

    • Can I use my existing number?

      Ideally, no. You should get a new number. If you would like to use an old number, we'll have to delete the whatsapp account associated with the number if any.

    • What additional services does DashCX provide?

      With DashCX, you get a managed service. Meaning you’ll not have to worry about setting up your WhatsApp Business, figure out length submissions to WhatsApp, etc. Here are the optional services you can get with WhatsApp.

      1. Onboarding & Verification for Whatsapp Cloud API.
      2. Green Tick Verification Service (this is an optional service, please connect with us to know more).
      3. Template & Content Strategy Service.
      4.Team Training Sessions To know more, connect with us on chat.

    • How can I add funds to my Wallet?

      You can easily add credit to your wallet from our Billing Dashboard using credit/debit card, check, DD or online fund transfer. Once you add funds you can start broadcasting and using DashCX.

    • Why do I need to maintain Wallet balance?

      Wallet funds are required for the messages to be delivered on WhatsApp. These charges are pre-determined, are based on WhatsApp fees and are billed on actuals at the time of sending messages. To know more about Whatsapp conversation and messaging charges, please Check this link.

    • How many languages are available?

      DashCX offers vernacular support and messages to your customers can be sent in many popular Indian languages. But right now the user interface is available only in English.

    • Can multiple employees collaborate on one chat?

      Yes, definitely. The chat can be assigned to single or multiple agents/employees, or once assigned the agent can add other agents to the chat as well.

    • What are template messages?

      These are the specific message formats that have preset text and variables, used by businesses to send out messages to existing customers or new customers. These include feedback messages or customer care messages. These must be approved by WhatsApp before use.

    • What is WhatsApp’s policy on doing business on this channel?

      You need to comply with WhatsApp policies, guidelines and terms of use prescribed by WhatsApp.

      1. WhatsApp Business Terms
      2. WhatsApp Policy
      3. WhatsApp commerce policy

    • How do I start using DashCX?

      Simply contact us at [email protected] or call at +91-8595665505

    • What are Free conversations?

      WhatsApp charges for API are based on conversations. A conversation is 24 hours of unlimited messages sent and received between a business and a contact. WhatsApp does not charge for the first 1000 conversations per month. In the same ethos, DashCX allows for 1000 free conversations per month.

      You can use these free conversations to have a live chat with your customers and send broadcast messages. Post 1000 free conversations, DashCX charges mainly based on your contact’s country. To see DashCX’s pricing, Check this link

      Post the 1000 free conversations, DashCX charges 0.05/conversation. These need to be paid through a wallet within the application. Businesses recharge the wallet with an amount of their choice based on the number of chats they expect on the platform.