Automate responses with forms

Gather, store, and analyze user data, and insights alongside conversation before any human intervention occurs to collect feedback, product reviews, and demographic for serving your customers better.

automate responses with forms
Capture data with interactive forms

Capture data with interactive forms

  1. Nurture your leads well by collecting essential customer data along with mandatory fields in the form without human intervention.
  2. Ensure your business data is accurate & up to date with smart automated technology on the most preferred platform.

Custom forms for custom needs

  1. Build bespoke forms of all kinds including sales, customer support, feedback, and product reviews in a few clicks.
  2. Match your business needs with support type of answers (text, email, phone number, quick reply buttons, lists & media) to serve your customers well.
Customize forms by using type of answers

Provide links for customers to fill out later

  1. Keep your information flow moving forward by creating shareable links to the form for customers who opt out before filling out the complete form.
  2. Make it easier for the customers by providing the ability to fill out the form later at any time and start right from where they left off.

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