About Us

DashCX makes software for small and medium-sized enterprises that enables them to manage their sales, marketing, and customer service on WhatsApp Business. We are a passionate team that delivers exceptional customer experience. In keeping with our mission of helping businesses of all sizes come on board a digital-first future, we present our vision of the brand DashCX.

WhatCX family 1

At the heart of our identity is a rebirth. The rising sun symbolizes a new way forward for our team. The new brand embodies all that we have learnt from our past and our approach towards new beginnings in 2022. With a mission to successfully transition towards a future with much more impact to society, the Yellow Rising Sun represents our drive and joyful attitude towards all that we will learn in this journey.

Himanshu Sukhwani (Founder)

Himanshu Sukhwani

Meet our Founder

Our founder, Himanshu realized the potential of conversational commerce in the SaaS industry. After leading successful ventures like Cobold Digital and building two agencies from scratch, he diverted his energies towards creating software where customer experience can be truly defined. His aim is to ensure that your customer is delighted when they reach you on WhatsApp. He founded DashCX (The best customer experience on WhatsApp) in January 2022 as an official WhatsApp marketing platform and has since grown it into a platform that has helped multiple companies accelerate their growth & ace their conversational marketing strategy.

Our Team

The DashCX team is a talented group of amazing people with a shared vision & passion of making the magic happen.

Rakesh Chaudhary

Customer Success Manager

Hammad Akhtar

Lead Frontend Developer

Khalid Raza Khan

Lead Backend Developer

Shifali Aggarwal

Project Manager

Rishab Verma

Senior Visual Designer

Akash Pachauri

Sr. Executive Motion Graphic

Abhisekh Behera

UI/UX Designer

Aman Srivastava

Associate Product Manager

Mrinal Thakur

Website Developer

Rohit Kumar

Senior Accounts Executive

Sumit Chauhan

Senior Executive- Human Resources

Rajat Tiwari

Backend Developer

Dhaneshwar Umre

Junior Backend Developer

Suresh Kumar

Graphic Designer

Siddharth Soni

Website Developer

Shweta Mehta

Website Developer

Amir Adal

Frontend Developer

Ayush Hingwasia

Growth Manager

Koushik Gupta

Test Engineer

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