Infinite possibilities here are a few..

Customer Success
Live customer support

Embrace autoresponders for customer communication.

Sales Team
Ease the consultations

Personalize consultations for customers as per their needs.

Customer Success
Reduce repeat calls

Start using WhatsApp to handle enquiries and nurture sales.

Sales Team
Answer customer questions

Make up for more than 50% for customer queries via WhatsApp.

Marketing Team
Tailor customer messages

Better target your customers on WhatsApp with custom messages.

Customer Success
Assist customer quickly

Engage potential customers & direct queries to specific agents.

One messaging platform for all conversations

I have found that DashCX has greatly improved my productivity. The ability to easily monitor the activity of agents and utilize features such as multiple image sending and image drag have been extremely helpful. Overall, DashCX has made my life much easier.

Deepak Oberai

Ajanta Bottle

We have seen a significant increase in webinar attendance, about 60%, since implementing DashCX for communication. This has provided us with a better opportunity for sales and overall been a very positive experience for our business. Thank you, DashCX!

Rahul Sehghal


We were amazed by the results we saw after using DashCX for our webinars. Our attendance rates increased by a staggering 300%! We highly recommend DashCX to anyone looking to boost engagement and drive success.

Jay Sehgal


I am so pleased with DashCX. It has made my life as a teacher much easier by providing a platform for communication with students, including doubt sessions, assignment sharing, and broadcasts. Thank you, DashCX!

Ayushi Gupta


Why DashCX?

6 prominent features to be used by hospitality industry that DashCX supports with a short brief.


Broadcast messages

Share the latest offers, deals, and packages with thousands of your customers in one click.

Real-time alerts icon

Real-time alerts

Induce two-way conversations regarding price drops, payment, cancellations, or reservations.


Auto-assign chats

Make your customer connected to preferred agents or last contacted ones to solve their queries.


WhatsApp widget

Add a WhatsApp chat widget or button to your website in order to direct people to the most convenient chat platform.


Label chats

Add labels to the conversations to classify your customers into important, retargeted, or multiple other lists.


Track performance

Check your broadcast campaign's read/open rates, enquiry generated stats to save your cost and boost revenue.

Hospitality Industry
Hospitality Industry

Generate and nurture more leads with DashCX

Learn how analytics & performance metrics helped our customers to build meaningful and engaging micro journeys for their users.

Retail Industry
Retail Industry

Boost engagement and drive conversions with DashCX

We built meaningful and engaging micro journeys for our customers using data analysis and performance yardsticks.

Gaming Industry
Gaming Industry

Be more accessible to customers by reaching out on their preferred platform

Our client Gamer2Maker were able to increase webinar attendance from 20% to 60%, once they started sharing invites on WhatsApp with DashCX.

See how DashCX can transform your business growth

Read in detail about the top effective strategies that can accelerate your lead generation and nurturing strategies on WhatsApp.